New Music Monday on Rock 107.1

New tunes rollin’ onto Rock 107.1 this week. Ozzy, Rubikon, Sleeping With Sirens & MORE!
Listen for these and go ahead and scroll down for some sweet Youtube/VEVO action and our favorite comments.

Ozzy Osbourne. “When ozzy says “alright now” you know it’s gonna be a hell of a song.”


Rubikon. “DUDE!!!! Amazing.”


Sleeping With Sirens. “looks like I’m diving head first back into my emo phase”


Volbeat ft. Neil Fallon of Clutch. “Love how Neil walks in like he just gave someone the “hold my beer.”


Dirty Honey. “That battery will be dead when she comes back out!”


Royal Bliss “Is no one gonna comment on his eye being pitch black”