New Music Monday on Rock 107.1 [VIDEO]

New tunes rollin’ onto Rock 107.1 this week. Corey Taylor, Marilyn Manson, Three Days Grace, Metallica and more!!
Listen for these and go ahead and scroll down for some sweet Youtube/VEVO action and our favorite comments.

Corey Taylor. “50 Sounds of Corey… This man can do everything.”


Marilyn Manson. “This a generational artist , keep evolving. Years from now everything he made will be legendary”


Three Days Grace. “Imagine someone thinking three days grace made this song


Metallica. “This song can be used as theme song for a James Bond movie.”


I Prevail. “EVERY song on this album has so many levels.”


Sevendust. “They did the song justice and paid mad respect to Soundgarden.”


Seether. “There you have it folks, SEETHER is back on attack”


Bring Me The Horizon. “This is the first time ever that a sneeze could become a masterpiece.”


From Ashes To New. “I swear those screams remind me of Chester a little bit.”


10 Years. “Damn, the relevance of this song right now is almost disturbing”


Breaking Benjamin ft. Lacey Sturm. “I melted when Lacey sang “I feel nothing anymore”. Such a beautiful voice.”