New Music Now on Rock 107.1 [VIDEO]

New tunes rollin’ onto Rock 107.1 this week. Saul, Evanescence, Badflower, SixxAM and more!!
Listen for these and go ahead and scroll down for some sweet Youtube/VEVO action and our favorite comments.

Saul. “I don’t want want to change the world…. yet you are!!!! ”


Evanescence. “And when the world needed them most, they returned”


Badflower. “One of the most creative vids i have seen in a very long time”


Sixx AM w/ Artists For Recovery. “Great song but Corey and ivan are definately the power house voices on the track.”


Ayron Jones. “Glad that people are still out here making GOOD rock music”


Deftones. “Impossible for this band to not sound fresh. They will never lose their touch.”


Corey Taylor. “Funny, this guy kinda sounds like the vocalist of slipknot.”


Avatar. “The bass is extra thick here. Most audible avatar bass I’ve ever heard.”


Bad Wolves. “Omg I love this song y’all have really improved”