L.A. Girl’s Wish List Tops $10,000

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

It is better to give than receive, unless you’re a youngster in L.A., with a need for new gadgets! A father in Los Angeles recently received his daughter’s gift wishlist and to his surprise it totaled over $10,000. Her list went viral when he tweeted her gift requests.

A 10 year-old Los Angeles girl became an Internet star yesterday after her father tweeted her Christmas wish list. She wants 26 presents totaling over $10,000. The girl’s father says she wants an iPhone 11, a new Macbook Air, a Chanel purse, Gucci slides, a pet rabbit, a GoPro camera, AirPods headphones and $4,000, among other things. The father captioned the list with, “My 10-year-old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list.”

Source: The NY Post