Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus gives update on his cancer battle

Mark Hoppus has shared some good news about his cancer battle. Hoppus revealed that the results of his cancer scans show his chemotherapy is working! In a short update on social media, Hoppus wrote: ​“Scans indicate that the chemo is working! I still have months of treatment ahead, but it’s the best possible news. I’m so grateful and confused and also sick from last week’s chemo. But the poison the doctors pump into me and the kind thoughts and wishes of people around me are destroying this cancer. Just gonna keep fighting…”

Just last week Hoppus had revealed he would be taking a ​“test that may very well determine if I live or die”, In a recent fan Q&A, Mark went into more detail about the ​“blood-related” cancer that he is battling: “My classification is diffuse large B‑cell lymphoma Stage 4‑A, which means, as I understand it, it’s entered four different parts of my body,” he explained. ​“I don’t know how exactly they determine the four-part of it, but it’s entered enough parts of my body that I’m Stage 4, which I think is the highest that it goes. So, I’m Stage 4‑A.” He also added that his mother previously beat the ​“exact same” type of cancer that he has, as well as breast cancer twice: “I’ve been able to talk with her and bond with her quite a bit,” Mark said. ​“Oddly enough, we have the exact same form of cancer that she had. And she beat it – twice for breast cancer and one for the same cancer that I have.”

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