Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Nikki Sixx and Johnny Depp join together for ‘Crossbone Skully’


Crossbone Skully, the multi-dimensional brainchild of Alice Cooper and Hollywood Vampires member Tommy Henriksen, has debuted its lead single along with an animated short on the way. Cooper, along with Joe Perry, Nikki Sixx, and Johnny Depp will be featured in the animated short of the first single ‘Evil World Machine’, set to premiere on November 26 at the San Diego Fan Expo.

Crossbone Skully is an “avenging superhero”, beginning his journey to rescue humanity on ‘Evil World Machine’. Legendary producer Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Def Leppard), came out of retirement to serve as executive producer on the album which was written by Tommy Henriksen and Tommy Denander. Fans will soon get their first look at Crossbone Skully and his world, which inspired its own upcoming graphic novel, ‘Thing #1’.  Henriksens serves as lead vocalist and bassist on the album, with additional voice overs on ‘Thing #1’ by Johnny Depp (The Evil Sorcerer), Cooper (The Bringer of Light), Joe Perry (The Big Bad Bone Crusher), Nikki Sixx (The Crooked Crow), and Kane Roberts (The Alpha Watchman), to name a few in the short, animated film.

Crossbone Skully will also release their debut album in 2023, which delivers a “powerful message in today’s global climate, inviting people of all backgrounds to coexist and break down oppressive barriers”.

You can listen to the lead single, ‘Evil World Machine’, here.

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